National Centers for Systems Biology

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Center for Complex Biological Systems (UC, Irvine)

PRISM – Department of Mathematics
UCI was awarded a five-year, 1.9 M grant from the PRISM (Proactive Recruitment in Introductory Science and Mathematics) program of the National Science Foundation in August 2009. The PI is JackXin (mathematics). The co-PIs are Hongkai Zhao (mathematics), Sarah Eichhorn (mathematics), and Max Welling (information and computer science).

The goal of the PRISM program is to strengthen the nation’s scientific competitiveness by increasing the numbers of well-prepared, successful U.S. undergraduate majors and minors in science and mathematics. The PIs will develop a new undergraduate education and research program at UCI, called UCicamp (UCI Interdisciplinary Computational and Applied Mathematics Program). UCicamp plans to teach mathematics and computation through concrete problems arising from information processing to freshman and sophomore students during the regular school year. Selected number of students will go on to do supervised research in the summer months with full stipend support. UCicamp aims to stimulate the interest of freshman and sophomore students in mathematics, computation and their applications in the digital age.

The PRISM grant is the first major undergraduate education and research grant in the history of UCI mathematics department.

Mathematical and Computational Biology for Undergraduates (MCBU)

The Mathematical and Computational Biology for Undergraduates program provides interdisciplinary training and research opportunities for undergraduates in problems at the interface of mathematics, biology and computational science. MCBU has two main program components:
1)  undergraduate degree programs (major/minor) specializing in mathematics for biological sciences
2)  summer undergraduate research experiences in paired teams of mathematics and biology students co-advised by mathematics and biology faculty.

Center for Genome Dynamics (The Jackson Laboratory)

whitewaterSummer Student Program
High school and college students are provided with an opportunity to conduct independent research under the guidance of Center for Genome Dynamics scientists. More than 2,000 students, including two Nobel laureates, have participated in this program offered by The Jackson Laboratory since 1924.

Center for Modular Biology (Harvard University)

Undergraduate Summer Research Internships


Interns work in the labs of the Bauer Fellows and Systems Biology faculty whose research spans many fields from biology (including genetics, cell biology, neuroscience, animal behavior and evolution) to applied mathematics and computation. The internship also includes field trips to the Broad Institute and Harvard Medical School, weekly group meetings and lectures by distinguished faculty. In addition, the internship organize social activities for the interns outside the lab.

Center for Quantitative Biology (Princeton University)

Undergraduate Curriculum in Integrated Science
Integrated Science is a revolutionary new introductory science curriculum developed at Princeton, intended for students considering a career in science. By breaking down traditional disciplinary barriers, a series of courses taken in the freshman and sophomore years provides students with first-rate preparation for a major in any of the core scientific disciplines, and in such a way that helps retain the connections to the other disciplines. The curriculum is founded on the expectation that much of the most important science of the future, though based on the classical disciplines, will lie in areas that span two or more of them.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Molecular and Quantitative & Computational Biology
Each summer, the Department of Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute at Princeton University provide intensive laboratory research experiences to a select group of undergraduates chosen from a nationwide pool. Each student joins a world-class research group – headed by a Princeton faculty member – and carries out an original research project. Participants are immersed in a culture of close collaboration with other undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty, and experience first-hand what it is like to be a scientist.

Center for RNA Systems Biology (UC Berkeley)

CRSB Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program
The CRSB Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for undergraduates to work one-on-one with Center faculty members on cutting-edge research projects. Students will meet regularly with faculty for research mentoring, with day-to-day oversight by a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar, culminating in a presentation of their work at the end of the summer. The program is designed to stimulate awareness of advanced research and interest in graduate study.

Center for Systems Biology (Institute for Systems Biology)

Undergraduate intern program.  The undergraduate research intern program will continue to provide self motivated young scientists effective education, training and mentoring in systems bioloCenter for Systems Biologygy, and the practice of research in a collaborative environment.  The program, created by Center program manager/education and outreach coordinator, Jennifer Dougherty, includes underrepresented minorities and female undergraduate students who are pursuing a career in research, rather than medical school.  The program is eight weeks long and mentors approximately 10-12 interns per summer.  All interns are paid, 50% from the existing Center award, and 50% from NIH Supplemental funds for promoting diversity in health-related research.  Over four years the program has become highly competitive, on average there are five times the number of applicants as positions available.  All of our interns are highly motivated and qualified; on average approximately 50% of the interns are underrepresented minorities.

Chicago Center for Systems Biology

Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program
The goal of the Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program is to provide hands-on scientific research activities in Center laboratories.

Pritzker Office of Multicultural Affairs, The University of Chicago
The Pritzker Office of Multicultural Affairs administers a minority summer internship program for undergraduates. It also manages the Chicago Academic Medicine Program (CAMP) and the Priztker School of Medicine Experience in Research in conjunction with the Office of Admissions.

Systems Biology Courses, The University of Chicago
The Center is coordinating the development of new undergraduate and graduate systems biology courses.

PREP: Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program
The purpose of the Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) is to offer 2-year technician positions in Center research labs to underrepresented minorities who hold a recent bachelor’s degree in science. In addition, academic activities (i.e., writing, ethics, and GRE courses) are provided by PREP to help participants prepare successful applications for advanced degree (i.e., Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D.) programs. Entry into PREP is competitive and based on a written application, transcripts, letters of reference, past research experience, research interests, and career plans. The Center will support two participants each year to work in Center labs.

Mentoring Program
Center investigators meet with undergraduates to provide educational mentoring and career advising.

Duke Center for Systems Biology

Summer Fellowships
The CSB welcomes applications for undergraduate Summer Fellows to do research in systems biology for ten weeks each summer. The application process is being managed by the IGSP, and information on how to apply is available here, but one important difference is that Systems Biology Summer Fellowships are open not just to freshman and sophomores, but also juniors and seniors. For summer 2011, applications will start being reviewed after February 4, but strong applications afterwards will also be considered.

Systems Biology Center New York (SBCNY)

SBCNY Undergradute Fellows - Summer 2012SBCNY Summer Research Program in Systems Biology
The Systems Biology Center New York offers summer research fellowships to City University of New York (CUNY) undergraduates who are planning to pursue PhD or MD/PhD degree programs and are interested in incorporating systems biology approaches into the research that they pursue. The SBCNY Summer Research Program at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York is a full-time 10-week research-intensive systems biology training program within laboratories of the Center. The fellowship provides a stipend for the research training period. Program activities include the following:

  • Independent Research Projects: All SBCNY Fellows conduct an individual research project under the mentorship of a SBCNY Investigator.
  • Summer Seminar Series: The independent research projects are complemented by the weekly SBCNY Summer Seminar Series which brings the Fellows together and facilitates their interactions with SBCNY Investigators, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.
  • Poster Session: At the conclusion of the program, each Fellow will present a poster summarizing their research project at the SBCNY Summer Research Program Poster Session.