National Centers for Systems Biology


The primary mission of the NIGMS-supported National Centers for Systems Biology is to promote institutional development of multidisciplinary research, training, and outreach programs that focus on systems-level studies of biomedical phenomena within the NIGMS mission. The centers are expected to establish themselves as recognized leaders of research, resources and education in systems biology.

The National Centers for Systems Biology celebrated their 10th year anniversary in 2013, and the annual meeting featured presentations for a wide audience about the status and achievements of the program. The centers also highlighted their collective achievements in a booklet entitled “Lighting the Way: Ten Years of National Centers for Systems Biology.”  [10th ANNIVERSARY NCSB BOOKLET PDF 6.1MB]

Check out the National Centers for Systems Biology Program by the Numbers which is a summary of the citations, training, and outreach over the first ten years.

Current Centers

Center for Genome DynamicsCenter for Genome Dynamics Center for Systems Biology Center for Complex Biological SystemsCenter for Complex Biological Systems New York Center for Systems BiologySystems Biology Center New York stmcportalCenter for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling
sdcsb-image-2San Diego Center for Systems Biology ucsf_network_iconCenter for Systems and Synthetic Biology Virtual Physiological Rat META Center for Systems Biology Center for RNA Systems Biology
Stanford Center for Systems Biology Center for Integrated Synthetic BiologyCenter for Integrative Synthetic Biology Center for Systems Biology of Retrotransposition hms-lspHMS Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology

Past Centers

Center for Cell Dynamics
Center for Modeling Integrated Metabolic Systems
Center for Cell Decision Processes
Center for Modular Biology
Center for Quantitative Biology
Duke Center for Systems Biology
Chicago Center for Systems Biology